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New for 2019, CovKartSport Members can pay their Registration Fees and Race Entry Fees in advance, using PayM.

PayM is supported by most mainstream banks, and is very simple to use - payments are made using mobile banking or online banking (you need to register first) and all you need is the mobile phone number of the person you wish to pay.

Click on the picture to visit the PayM website for further details of how this works...!

How to use PayM to pay CovKartSport

Once you have registered for PayM with your bank, you need to add the COVKARTSPORT phone number to your contacts :

Then you are ready to go...

07305 003594

Payment of Registration Fees and Race Entry Fees:

When you submit your registration form or race entry form, there will be a field to select the payment method. If PayM is selected, then simply pay the required amount as soon as possible using the PayM service. Once payment is received, then your name will be added to the Registrations or Race Entry List, and marked as 'Paid'.

For Race Entry Fees, it will be possible to pay for more than one round in advance - When you make the payment, please enter the payment reference as follows :

Round Number, Initial, Surname - for example "R2 K. Johnson"

For Registration Fees, the payment reference should be in the format :

REG, Initial, Surname - for example "REG K Johnson"

It's that simple...!!