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Aims and Code of Conduct of Covkartsport

Covkartsport is a well organised, competitive, arrive and drive karting championship for all ages (from 12 upwards) and abilities that has built its success on the supportive, inclusive and family oriented environment that we try and provide at events. We are all representing the club as members, guests, family and friends, so please help to maintain the good reputation we have built up by behaving reasonably and responsibly both on and off the track and treating others with the respect.

Covkartsport exists to provide both novice and experienced racers with cost-effective, competitive outdoor kart racing in a friendly, supportive and family-orientated atmosphere. It intends to introduce new kart racers to the sport and give them a platform to learn and grow their talent, race craft and skills. EVERY member is important to us and will be treated equally and fairly, regardless of experience, age or gender. EVERY member has equal rights and status within the championship.

Covkartsport aims to provide a credible stepping-stone for members who wish to progress into other forms of karting or motor sport. We will endeavour to help, support and advise members on karting, drawing on the extensive experience of many of the senior members of Covkartsport. ALL members are asked and encouraged to follow the Covkartsport mantra and to help make the series the best and most welcoming it can possibly be.

Covkartsport will operate a zero tolerance policy towards any acts of verbal or physical abuse or racial / sexual discrimination. Such behaviour will be taken VERY seriously by the club. Any person, regardless of their status at an event, conducting themselves in a dangerous, abusive or offensive way in breach of our Code of Conduct or Regulations may be disqualified from a race, event or championship, and may have their membership of Covkartsport revoked with no refund or right of appeal. In extreme circumstances, such behaviour may lead to legal action.

Members and Guest drivers are also responsible for the behaviour of anyone associated with them that they may bring to an event and ensuring that they understand and adhere to Covkartsport's Code of Conduct.

Ticking the ‘agreement to abide by regulations and code of conduct’ box on your membership or race entry application form, indicates your agreement and acceptance of our regulations and Code of Conduct and your agreement to abide by our regulations, Code of Conduct and the decisions of the organisers. This is a condition of membership of Covkartsport.

All "Matters arising", at a Covkartsport racing event, will be decided upon by members of our "Race-Day" Team - their decision on the day will be final.

Race competitively but be fair - recognise and acknowledge your mistakes on track. Behave reasonably and respect your fellow competitors on and off the track.

Motorsport Warning

Remember, Arrive and Drive Karting is motorsport. MOTORSPORT CAN BE DANGEROUS. Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these, you are present at your own risk. Everyone who attends at a Covkartsport event does so entirely at their own risk whether they are competitors, officials, circuit-employees, organisers, spectators or guests.

All Covkartsport members are required to bring all aspects of this section to the attention of any guests that they may bring with them. Members are reminded that they are completely RESPONSIBLE for the conduct/actions of any persons that they may invite to, or bring with them to a Covkartsport event.

This warning/advice applies to any Championship, Series or Event organised by Covkartsport .

Covkartsport and/or the circuit cannot accept liability for any accident or loss howsoever caused - this also applies to damage to private and commercial vehicles and theft or damage to property and personal effects - please ensure that all involved are aware.