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The Season 25 Points Trophy will run as part of the Main 2020 Championship and entry is included with a Full Season Membership.

It is essentially the same as the main championship in previous CovKartSport seasons where drivers score points based on their race finishing positions, however, there are two major differences in the Season 25 Points Trophy :

  • No Dropped Scores - the more rounds you enter, the more chance you have of winning
  • Fastest Lap Bonus Points

The awards at the end of season are awarded per weight sub-class, and the driver with the highest points total will be crowned the Overall Season 25 Points Trophy Champion...!

Race Points and Fastest Lap Bonus Points

Race Points are Awarded based on driver's finishing position in each race - 25 pts for 1st, 22 pts for 2nd, 20 pts for 3rd, 18 pts for 4th, 17 pts for 5th then decreasing by 1 pts per position down to 1pts for 21st place. If a circuit's max grid size allows bigger grids than 21 drivers, then each place after 21st will also be awarded 1 pts.

The Fastest Lap Bonus Points are awarded per race, on weight sub-class basis. That means that in each race, two drivers will receive 1 bonus point - one Standard driver and one Plus driver. There will be an additional Bonus point awarded for the fastest race lap of each Championship Round, again on a weight sub-class basis.

So, at each Championship Round, there is a maximum of 75 Race Points available (if a driver wins all 3 of their races) and 4 Fastest Race Lap Bonus Points (If a driver sets the fastest race lap in their weight sub-class in each of their 3 races, and one of those is the fastest lap of the day in their weight sub-class)

Season 25 Points Trophy - Prizes and Trophies

At the end of the season, the top 3 drivers in each weight sub-class will receive a trophy. In addition, the first placed driver in each weight sub-class will receive a £25 Amazon Gift Voucher.

The Overall Season 25 Points Trophy Champion will also receive a £50 voucher.

Drivers must have Full Season Membership and compete in at least 8 rounds of the Championship to be eligible for prizes / trophies at the end of the season.