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The 2020 Championship will take place over 10 Rounds (30 Races), running from February to November with a break in August. There are 3 Main Championship Classes, and within each Class there are 2 'weight sub-classes' which are determined by Driver's Racing Weight.

  • (J) - Junior Standard : Min Weight - 47.50 kg / Max Weight - 57.49 kg
  • (JP) - Junior Plus : Min Weight - 57.50 kg / No Max Weight
  • (L) - Lightweight Standard : Min Weight - 65.00 kg / Max Weight - 72.49 kg
  • (LP) - Lightweight Plus : Min Weight - 72.50 kg / Max Weight - 82.49 kg
  • (H) - Heavyweight Standard : Min Weight - 82.50 kg / Max Weight - 87.49 kg
  • (HP) - Heavyweight Plus : Min Weight - 87.50 kg / No Max Weight

The Junior Championship is open to anyone aged 12 - 15 years old, so long as they are a minimum of 5ft tall. The Lightweight and Heavyweight Championships are open to anyone aged 16 and above, again, with a minimum height of 5ft. At the end of the season, the top 3 drivers in each 'sub-class' will be presented with trophies at our end of season event, and there will be various other 'special' awards at that event. In order to be eligible to win trophies at the end of the season, drivers must meet the following criteria :

  • Submitted a Membership Form and paid the appropriate Membership Fee
  • Competed in at least 7 rounds of the championship

Anyone is welcome to enter any of our rounds as a 'Guest' driver (subject to meeting age / height / weight requirements), and would be eligible to win trophies at any Championship Round, but any points scored would not be included in the Main Championship Table.

Championship Rounds - Format

We run 10 Championship Rounds, and at each round, every driver will take part in short practice session, followed by 3 heats. The practice session will either be 5 minutes or 10 minutes, and each heat will be either 12 minutes or 15 minutes, depending on which circuit we are racing at (the practice & heat lengths are indicated on the calendar). There are no qualifying sessions or finals.

This means at Rounds 1 to 7 and Round 10 (where Juniors, Lightweights & Heavyweights are all together) there will be a minimum of 3 practice sessions & 9 heats. At Rounds 8 & 9 of the Junior Championship, there will be a minimum of 1 practice session and 3 heats, and at rounds 8 & 9 of the Lightweights / Heavyweights Championships, a minimum of 2 practice sessions and 6 heats.

The Main Championship Class races are run alternately, so a typical order would be Juniors, Lightweights, Heavyweights, Juniors, Lightweights, Heavyweights, Juniors, Lightweights, Heavyweights. The Standard & Plus drivers within each Championship Class will normally race in the same races (i.e. there are not separate grids for Standard & Plus) - if the number of entries in a Championship Class exceeds the maximum grid size at a circuit, then there will be additional heats in that Class, up to a maximum of 6 heats - where necessary, we will limit the number of entries at a round so that we would not have to run more than 6 heats in any Championship Class.

Maximum Grid sizes vary between 12 & 30 (depending on the circuits), but are usually between 16 - 20. Race Day Timings and Initial Maximum Entry Numbers are based on driver numbers which would require 3 x Junior Races, 5 x Lightweights Races & 5 x Heavyweights Races (except Sutton, with max grid size of 12, which is based on 4 x Juniors Races, 7 x Lightweights Races & 7 x Heavyweights Races).

Drivers will be asked to submit a "Planned Attendance" form with their Memberships, so based on those forms, Race Day Schedules and Max Entry Numbers may be adjusted accordingly.

At the start of each round, there will be a 45 minute 'Registration' period (usually between 08:45 - 09:30), during which drivers will be required to sign in with CovKartSport, sign any circuit forms/disclaimers, pay the required Race Entry Fee (if not already paid in advance), and weigh in. Drivers who have paid their Race Entry Fee in advance, must still register with CovKartSport on arrival.

When weighing in, drivers must weigh in with their racewear, plus any additional items such as seat inserts or weights. Any Driver who does not sign-in and/or weigh in before registration closes will receive a 3 point deduction from their points total for that round.

If you are running late, you must inform CovKartSport (if safe to do so) via Facebook, Messenger or by Text on 07305 003594, stating your name, class and ETA. Depending on when you arrive, you may miss your practice session or first race, and circuits may insist that you attend their standard briefing before being allowed on track.

Each driver will be randomly allocated grid positions in their 3 heats, on a Front/Middle/Back basis - we have a grid calculator that ensures that all drivers grid positions (in each main championship class) across the 3 races add up to the same total plus / minus 1. For example, Driver A may have Grid 2, 9 and 16 (total 27), and Driver B may have Grid 6, 8 and 12 (total 26). Races are generally grid starts, but from time-to-time, we may run rolling starts - if this does happen, it will be made clear at the driver briefing before racing begins.

The gridding system also ensures that pole positions are allocated as evenly as possible over the course of the season. The Grids for each round are usually posted on our Facebook page on the Thursday or Friday before each Raceday.

As the Standard & Plus drivers in each main class race together (i.e. Lightweight Standard and Lightweight Plus will be in the same race), if the number of drivers in a main class at any championship rounds exceeds the maximum grid size of the circuit, then it will be necessary to have more than 3 races in that main class - when this does occur, the gridding system will, as far as is possible, ensure that the number of Standard and Plus drivers in each race is even. If entries mean that there is a requirement to run 6 races in any main championship class, then depending on the grid size combined with the number of Standard and Plus drivers, it may be possible (but not guaranteed) to run 3 races for the Standard drivers and 3 races for the Plus drivers.

Points at Championship Rounds

At each Championship Round, drivers will be awarded points in each of their 3 races, based on their finishing position compared to the other drivers in their weight sub-class in each race.

For example, a Lightweight Plus driver finishing 4th in the race, but who is the highest placed Plus driver in that race would receive points for 1st place in the Lightweight Plus sub-class. Likewise a Junior Standard driver finishing 8th in the race, but who is the 4th highest placed Standard driver would receive points for 4th place in the Junior Standard sub-class

1st Place = 20 pts, 2nd Place = 18 pts, 3rd Place = 16 pts, 4th Place = 14 pts, 5th Place = 12 pts, 6th Place = 10pts, 7th Place = 9pts, 8th Place = 8pts then decreasing by 1 pt per position down to 15th Place = 1pts. If there are more than 15 drivers from one weight sub-class in a race, then all positions behind 15th will also be awarded 1pts.

Each drivers points from their 3 races are then added together, and the 3 drivers in each sub-class with the highest totals will be on the podium and be presented with trophies -

so there are 1st, 2nd & 3rd trophies at each Championship Round for Junior Standard, Junior Plus, Lightweight Standard, Lightweight Plus, Heavyweight Standard & Heavyweight Plus.

Ties in points are decided firstly by countback of sub-class finishing positions in the 3 races. If there is still a tie, then it would be decided by overall race finish positions, and if still tied, then driver's fastest lap time would be used to decide the positions.

Championship Awards & Dropped Scores

After all 10 Rounds are completed, drivers will have a combined total of points from up to 30 races. However, the final Championship positions are decided by totalling the points from each drivers best 24 races, so each driver will drop up to six scores from their total :

  • Race in all 10 Rounds - Drop 6 scores, best 24 from 30 will count
  • Race in 9 Rounds - Drop 3 scores, best 24 from 27 will count
  • Race in 8 Rounds - no dropped scores, 24 race total will count
  • Race in 7 or less Rounds - no dropped scores, total points from all races will count.

(Note : Drivers racing in less than 7 rounds of the Championship will not be eligible for main championship awards.)

Any races in which a driver is disqualified cannot be counted as a dropped score - only scoring races can be dropped.

Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 drivers (excluding Novice Drivers - see below) in each weight sub-class i.e. 1st to 3rd in Junior Standard, Junior Plus, Lightweight Standard, Lightweight Plus, Heavyweight Standard & Heavyweight Plus.

There will also be an Overall Champion Award, which will be decided amongst the 6 weight sub-class winners, based on the total number of points scored (after dropped scores).

Points ties will be decided by countback of race results within weight sub-class, and if still tied, then by countback of actual race finishing positions. If still tied after that, then by the number of fastest race laps. In the unlikely event that there is still tie, then the position will be declared a draw.

There will also be extra awards for the following achievements :

  • Driver with the most fastest race laps in the season - this is based on weight sub-class i.e. in each race, two drivers will set a fastest race lap - one Standard driver and one Plus driver.
  • Most Improved Driver - CovKartSport will award this to the driver who has improved the most, either compared to previous seasons, or during the course of the 2020 season.

All Trophies for the main Championship will be presented at an end of season event (date, venue, format TBC) usually at the end of November or beginning of December.

Novice Awards

Drivers who enter the main championship as a Novice Driver (see 'Membership' page for details) are not eligible to win any of the main championship trophies, however there will be one or more Novice Awards presented to the Novice Driver(s) with the highest points total(s), depending on the number of Novice drivers across the main championship classes. The number of awards is based on the following criteria :

  • 2 - 3 Novice Drivers - Trophy awarded to 1st place
  • 4 - 6 Novice Drivers - Trophies awarded to 1st & 2nd place
  • 7 or more Novice Drivers - Trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place

(Note : If there are more than 3 Novice drivers in each main championship class, the same criteria will apply per championship class)

As part of the Main 2020 Championship, we will also be running 3 'mini-championships' - for details about each of those, please click the relevant image below, or if you want to see further details about Membership, Race Entry and/or the Rules & Regulations, click on the relevant button below